Specially designed for the needs of Waste

Baobag offers you the most adapted packaging considering the volume or contents of your waste.

Our line of products is for transporting and storing all types of waste: non-hazardous (sludge, cement, concrete, construction site waste...) or hazardous (for example asbestos and REFIOM).



All asbestos waste constitute hazardous waste subject to the general regulation of hazardous waste and a specific asbestos regulation formalized in the public health code, the labor code, the environment code and the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR).

Milieu Bag for powder asbestos and PPE waste

The MILIEU-BAG® allows you to safely condition PPE contaminated by asbestos and powder asbestos waste.

Dépôt Bag® for your fiber/cement slabs, tubes, cladding...

The Dépôt Bag® Big bag allows you to store and transport waste containing asbestos.

The classical version is reserved for asbestos waste linked to inert materials that have remained intact (fiber/cement slabs, tubes, cladding, sheathes, asbestos-cement, etc...)

The UN version allows you to condition all types of asbestos waste (linked/unlinked, powder, damaged, PPE, cleaning waste, etc...).

Bodybenne for asbestos

Bodybenne Asbestos is a lining that allows you to protect 10 to 20 m3 dumpsters. Waste contaminated by concrete with asbestos can thus be conditioned directly in bulk and sent directly to the center.

Polyethylene bag and asbestos accessories

Dust proof polyethylene bag facilitates the removal of light waste and PPE contaminated by asbestos. The seals and adhesives are necessary for closing the bags and Big bags.

Non-hazardous waste

Non-hazardous waste

Construction sites produce lots of (non-hazardous) waste which must be sorted before being sent to the dump.

This waste can be of any type: sludge, raw lumber, rubber, tires, mixed non-hazardous industrial waste, waste containing plaster, green waste, inert rubble, oils and food fats, metals, paper/cardboard, plastic materials, non-recyclable, non-contaminated glass, tiles, demolition waste, grass, green waste, contaminated earth, various powders, sawdust, etc...

Baobag offers you a solution for getting rid of waste with affordable and adapted products. This means you don´t have to get your site nor your dumpster dirty. Baobag products empty are not cumberson and they are easy to handle and very resistant.

Eco-DIN for intert and heavy waste

The Eco-DIN Big bag allows you to store heavy construction waste in compliance with the Environmental Code.

Eco-DIN for non-hazardous and light waste

The Eco-DND Big bag allows you to store light waste on your construction site (plaster, plastic, cardboard, paper, ...) in compliance with the Environmental Code.

Big bag Neutral Waste for humid or powdery waste

Big bag with a an internal PE lining for storing and transporting non-hazardous waste, be it powdery or humid.

Neutral bodybenne

Bodybenne is a lining that allows you to protect 15 to 20 m3 dumpsters. Waste contaminated by concrete with asbestos can thus be conditioned directly in bulk and sent directly to the center.

Waste filtering

Waste filtering

Filtering Big bags are an affordable sludge filtration solution for dehydrating and separating liquids from solids.

Placed on a support and made with ventilated filtering canvas, they allow you to recover waste water from heavy products all the while respecting the environment. From 35µ to 400µ, the thickness of this cover defines a more or less thorough filtration as a function of the waste to be filtered. The filtering Big bags can filter water contaminated with fine particles such as paint, glue, fossil fuels, oils, milt, decantation sludge, contaminated earth, etc.

Accessories for Big bags

Accessories for Big bags

The Big bag supports make it easier to fill your bags by saving you time and making your site cleaner. They allow you to maintain you Big bags open simply by hanging them on 4 supports in order to get rid of your waste, no matter where you are.