Quality-assurance process

Located in France, the BAOBAG quality-assurance service is a fundamental component of our organization. This ensures the correct application of the quality norms and requirements applicable to your packaging. It also improves production products and procedures.

BAOBAG works with manufacturers with at least a ISO 9001 certification. Most of our partners also have certifications such as : ISO 22000 or FSCC 22000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, BRC…

Our Big bgas comply with :

  • The NF EN ISO 21898 norm applicable to Big bags for non-hazardous merchandise
  • The directives of the ADR applicable to Big bags for hazardous merchandise transported by road.
  • The NF EN IEC 61340-4-4 norm for antistatic Big bags (Type B), conductible Big bags (Type C) or dissipating Big bags (Type D).

Certain partners offer:

  • A production level that complies with norms ISO 22000/FSCC 22000 or BRC applicables to agricultural and food packaging.
  • A pharmaceutical production level that complies with the ISO 15378 norm applicable to primary packaging for medications.

Download the manufacturer certification and product norms form


  • A high-quality service unique to BAOBAG with respect to certifications monitoring, regulatory changes and changes in manufacturing procedures in collaboration with the high-quality services of partner factories.
  • A guaranteed product traceability via the security label stitched on each bag.
  • BAOBAG works with accredited European laboratories in order to execute product compliance monitoring
  • Quality control for each production by the in-house laboratories of our manufacturing partners.
  • The results of the Social and Environmental Responsibility evaluations (RSE) and evaluations on responsible sourcing by BAOBAG.
    • We obtained a score of 62/100 (SILVER), in 2021, from the online platform ECOVADIS
    • We obtained a score of 81/100 in 2021, from the online platform ACESIA-AFNOR
  • Verification of the respect for European regulations applied to packaging depending on the sector of use.
    • Skilled in handling food-stuffs: migration tests.
    • Environmental compliance: heavy metal dosage, reuse, recycling, waste management, etc.
  • Following-up on market and product development.
  • Execution of regular quality audits and evaluations on manufacturer performance.
  • BAOBAG complies with the EFIBCA RSE good conduct charter (European Flexible Intermediate Bulk Contained Association)