Logistical transport

With a view to meet the needs and the high-quality service expected by its clients, Baobag chose to implement an optimal logistical organisation via dedicated teams which allows for guaranteeing the traceability of delivered orders at any time.


Optimum storage

We have our own warehouses in the south of France and we use recognized service providers with specifications for the north of France. This system allows us to guarantee a storage capacity of 8000 palettes and thus ensure precise receipt management, storage in the best conditions and order compliance year round.


Quality commitment

Our commitment to quality in your order delivery has also prompted us to annually select and evaluate our service providers in order to guarantee certain points:

  • Standard delivery time of 72 hours ;
  • Complete geographic coverage, both for messaging and for chartering, in order to serve the whole country;
  • If needed, chartering express vehicles for emergencies in order to guarantee that your products will be quickly available;