Construction site

Specially designed for the needs of Construction site

A complete product line for material distributions and quarries. Baobag offers you a solution for the transportation, maintenance and storage of aggregate, gravel, sand, pavement, decorative stones and cement...

This solution will be adapted to your operations and distribution process all the while being as affordable as possible for you.

Ecochantier® Big bag

Ecochantier® Big bag

One of the biggest standards in packaging for the construction sector, "Ecochanter" allows you to optimize the conditioning, storage and removal of rubble, aggregate and waste. Thus, your construction sites will be clean and your materials will not spill over onto the road.

Together with our manufacturing partners, our teams studied the needs of our clients to bring several technical improvements to this big bag. Today we are proud to offer you a high-quality packaging with strong added value:

- Unique aggregate delivery (sand, gravel, granules, pavement, ...)
- Avoid product loss
- Optimize transport
- Remove construction site waste

It is also an excellent publicity since it is possible to have your big bags printed with your colors.