7 good reasons to choose Baobag

Since 1974, BAOBAG has designed, imported and distributed soft packaging solutions for industry, agriculture, the environment, specialized distribution and the construction industry. A European leader in the provision of big bags, the company has forged its experience through 7 takeaways which contribute to the success of your projects.


7 good reasons to choose Baobag

Sound advice

Or, how to have field-specialized representatives

Organized by field, Baobag teams have solid knowledge of the technical and regulatory requirements of your activity.
Since we are everywhere in the field, we share your professional culture and accompany you throughout your project in a confident and transparent relationship.


Personalized expertise

Or, how to benefit from our value-added recommendations.

In order to meet the specific demands of its clients, Baobag implements project management engineering. Thanks to the expertise and knowledge of our teams and our partner factories, we can recommend the solution best adapted to your delivery time, performance, customization, price, etc. criteria.


Constant quality

Or, the daily performance requirement

Baobag implements an overall quality plan at every stag of production, from reception of raw materials upstream to the delivery of final products downstream. Also, we conduct random tests on Big bags before delivering to clients. These quality controls are carried out by independent accredited laboratories.


Respect for norms

Or, how to guarantee you certified quality

Baobag collaborates with globally recognized manufacturing partners that are certified per the in-force ISO or OHSAS norms. We thus ensure you the traceability of all the components of our products, from the granule to the finished product, with a label stitched on each Big bag. For your peace of mind, we monitor outsourced production sites via regular audits.


Optimized logistics

Or, how to help you save time and money!

Baobag delivers your orders as safely and as punctually as possible. Our port and road network allows us to optimize your transportation plans and benefit from fees negotiated with our transportation partners. etransporteurs partenaires. In addition to our customized manufacturing, we offer you an available stock of standard or specific products delivered very quickly.


Perpetual innovation

Or, how to adapt to changes and let you benefit from them

R&D are part of Baobag´s DNA. Several of our bags have become standards of references in different sectors (construction, waste management, etc.) By regularly creating new products, we cater to changes in the market and adapt to them. This innovative spirit allows us to offer you ever more high-performing products at affordable prices


Eco-responsible vision

Or, how to ensure you of our corporate responsibility process

Baobag and its manufacturing partners respect precise sustainable development, labor rights, commercial ethics and workplace condition commitments both in France and abroad. We visit factories to ensure transparency for certain business clients.


Baobag in numbers


Manufacturing partners (5 in Europe, 10 in Asia)

Logistics centers (Le Havre, Marseilles)

Manufacturing certifications ISO 9001 (quality), OHSAS 18001 (security), ISO 14001 (environment), ISO 22000 (food security), ISO 15378 (pharmaceutical industries).