Specially designed for the needs of Garden

Our Garden product line is for companies and individuals, for soil coverage, protection of your materials as well as maintenance of your gardens and green spaces.

Mini bag

Mini bag

Developed for smaller volumes, our mini bags are adapted for the removal of rubble, construction site waste as well as green waste. They are designed in the same way as our Big bags, which makes them more resistant.

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Polyethylene tarps

Polyethylene tarps

From 80 to 240g/m2 :

- Wood product line:

Ideal for storing heating wood all the while letting it ventilate

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- Light product line:

Affordable protection, easy and fast to install for multiple daily uses: soil, furniture, blueprint protection...

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- Heavy product line:

Very resistant protection for roofing, trailers, landscaping work...

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- Pro product line:

Recommended for long-term covering work

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