Bespoke Big Bag

For over 40 years, Baobag has developed customized soft packagin solutions for its clients. Its industrial process, step by step ensures you a personalized reference which meets your specifications. From listening to your expectations to taking into account your requirements and from product design to delivery, Baobag studies, designs and has a unique Big bag manufactured: yours!


The customization culture

Points of cleaning

Together with you, we study the solution best adapted to your activity, whether that be « 1 point of cleaning », « 2 points of cleaning », « 4 points of cleaning » and their adaptation.



The round, cube and 4 seam versions meet particular use, storage and product transport specifics.

Filling and emptying

Totally open, closing skirt, filling channel, evacuation channel, flat bottom ... We implement the most effective and best performing filling system for your activity and professional practice. We apply the same logic to the system of emptying, thus offering multiple possible combinations.

4 points of cleaning emptying option.

4 points of cleaning emptying option.



We offer you several possibilities: dimension/volume, canvas grammage and color, printing as you desire.


Our different seam, drawing and lining versions allow you to meet your technical requirements for the characteristics and the nature of the transported or stored materials: form, density, weight, ...


Although Baobag is able to create your Big bag from a blank slate, we aim to systematically optimize all your personalized orders starting from an existing model.

This methodology thus allows you to have a unique reference for less. Depending on the nature and the volume of your order, we can create a prototype palette before starting the intensive production phase.

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